Interactive content for the big screen.

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We bring user interaction to the big screen.

With a combination of our commodity hardware, custom software, and our cloud platform we allow movie theaters to quickly and affordably add new exciting content to their existing materials. For each on-screen segment we can push one or more dynamic interactions.

Our hardware seamlessly integrates with existing theater infrastructure and uses existing cellular networks to deliver real-time, custom-synced content to patrons' existing smart phones. For users, there is no app to download, just punch in a short code into a browser and content is instantly delivered and synced to onscreen.

Added value for everyone


Rewards and point systems give users the opportunity to win cool gifts and prizes. Ability to use phones in the theater to interact with the big screen. Brings the social aspect of going to the movies to the forefront. Interactive games and puzzles make getting to the movie ahead of time a must.

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Display interactive content that patrons can't get at home. Ability to offer rewards that stimulate in-theater economy. Improved concessions relationships. New turnkey event solutions for parties, charitable events, and more. Customizable user demographics.

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No DCP conversion needed. Save on hosting and bandwidth costs. Faster time to publish. Higher engagement rates. Less legwork for agencies and content creators. Allows for local and micro-buy advertisements.

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A strong team.

Dave Young

Tech, vision, biz dev

Rick Roman

Vice President of Sales

Howard France

Non-US biz development

Jeff Atkisson

US Exhibitor and VC relationships

Jeff Smykil

Software Engineer Extraordinaire. UI/UX.

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