We bring user interaction to the big screen

The ScreenBlazer platform delivers user interactivity to movie theaters through Second Screen technology. We provide movie trailer analytics in real time, directly from users' smart phones.

With a combination of our commodity hardware, custom software, and our cloud platform, we allow movie theaters to quickly and affordably add new exciting content to their existing materials. For each on-screen segment we can push one or more dynamic interactions.

Our hardware seamlessly integrates with existing theater infrastructure and uses existing cellular networks to deliver real-time, custom-synced content to patrons' existing smart phones. For users, there is no app to download, just punch in a short code into a browser and content is instantly delivered and synced to onscreen.

Benefits for Studios

Trailer Testing

  • Capture second-by-second audience sentiment
  • Split test and refine trailer creatives
  • Granular audience segmentation

Market Research

  • Competitive analysis
  • Forecast demand
  • Huge, unbiased sample spanning major DMAs

Social Media Marketing

  • Identify brand advocates
  • High volume social media endorsements from fans
  • Measure viral footprint

Benefits for Exhibitors

Total Trailer Solution

  • Complete trailer management system
  • Dynamic trailering and real-time optimization
  • Second Screen integration

Increase Revenue

  • Sell trailer analytics data
  • Integrated branding and video advertising

Engagement and Loyalty

  • Interactive cinema experience
  • Loyalty program integration
  • Advance ticket sales and reminders

A Strong Team

Dave Young

Dave Young, the inventor and developer of ScreenBlazer, has been making interactive software for 3 decades. His unique market insights and technology scaling abilities helped his recent gaming portal business sustain exceptional margins by providing targeted audience demographics through content relevance and branding.

Rick Roman
VP Sales

Rick Roman is a veteran of the sales and exhibitor industry who has studied and practiced every angle of designing, building, and operating a theater.

Jeff Atkisson
CFO, Exhibitor & VC Relations

Global business direction and strategy is provided acutely by Jeff Atkisson, Managing Director of Cinema Destination Properties, and the co-founder of Regal Cinemas and AmStar Cinemas.

Howard France
VP International Business

Howard France, an accomplished distribution and exhibition development executive, introduces Rev4’s capabilities to international exhibitors, distributors and advertisers.

Bryce Fitzsimons
VP Technology

Bryce Fitzsimons, social gaming and advertising entrepreneur and founder of Dojo.com and GameMazing, manages technical projects, builds client solutions, and develops user growth initiatives.

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